Glass Fragments

  For those pictures I used some pieces of broken glass I had lying around in my room. Few days ago I accidently dropped a glass into our bathroom sink (I'm a very clumsy person, stuff like this happens to me all the time). In this case I just couldn't bring myself to throw away … Continue reading Glass Fragments


Last Autumn

Here I just wanted to share some of the photos I took when we visited Binz in last autumn. And by the way, I didn't edit them. All real  

The Man Who Was Reading In The Rain

A man with a book on his knees Raindrops falling to the ground A perfect image When I was walking through the park yesterday, I saw a man sitting by the lake. The book he was reading rested on his knees and raindrops kept fallin' onto his head but he didn't seem to notice. In … Continue reading The Man Who Was Reading In The Rain

Rainy Days

For the last few days it's been raining here all the time which probably was not the best weather for your easter-feeling but everything looked just beautiful. My family and I made two small trips these days where I took the following pictures. I have not edited any of these photos, the lighting was just … Continue reading Rainy Days