Summer Feelings

Today was just such a beautiful and sunny day that I, instead of studying for my French test, wandered through the garden and took some photos, mainly flowers as you con see. Some of you have probably noticed, that I haven't posted much lately, certainly not as much as I would have liked to. This … Continue reading Summer Feelings


Another rainy day

A few weeks go I was wandering around my neighbourhood in Berlin with my camera, not really sure what to do. Then I saw this duck on the plashy track and I knew this was my Inspiration for the day. It was really hard to take a good picture because it was always moving and … Continue reading Another rainy day


When I was wandering around in my neighbourhood today I found this bridge with really colorful graffiti on ist walls. The weird thing is that this bridge is somewhere in the middle of nowhere in a nature reserve where I usually go running. Today I didn't feel like doing any sports so I just took … Continue reading Graffiti

The Man Who Was Reading In The Rain

A man with a book on his knees Raindrops falling to the ground A perfect image When I was walking through the park yesterday, I saw a man sitting by the lake. The book he was reading rested on his knees and raindrops kept fallin' onto his head but he didn't seem to notice. In … Continue reading The Man Who Was Reading In The Rain

Rainy Days

For the last few days it's been raining here all the time which probably was not the best weather for your easter-feeling but everything looked just beautiful. My family and I made two small trips these days where I took the following pictures. I have not edited any of these photos, the lighting was just … Continue reading Rainy Days