London In Black And White

P1040558 (2)

Golden Jubilee Bridges

London, the capital of the UK, is one of the most amazing cities in the world. With its numerous sights, beautiful old churches, amazing scyscrapers, great street Food markets and the diverse cultures of the People it really has a lot to offer. When I traveled there I didn’t take as much photos as I wanted to because we only went there for a really short time and since there is so much to explore, I was pretty busy. Anyway, here are my Pictures:

P1040679 (2)


P1040731 (2)


P1040763 (2)

Hotel Russell

P1040706 (2)

PwC building


P1040701 (2)


P1040596 (2)

London Eye

P1040568 (3)

Through the ferris wheel

P1040575 (2)

Thames from above

P1040594 (2)

Westminster Bridge

P1040598 (2)

P1040684 (2)

Tower Bridge

P1040694 (2)

Old warehouses


P1040697 (2)

Little shops

P1040719 (2)

From a ship

P1040735 (2)

Camden town



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