Summer Feelings

Today was just such a beautiful and sunny day that I, instead of studying for my French test, wandered through the garden and took some photos, mainly flowers as you con see. Some of you have probably noticed, that I haven't posted much lately, certainly not as much as I would have liked to. This … Continue reading Summer Feelings


April 2017 World Wide Visitors

I started writing this blog in English and not in my mother language (which is German) because I wanted people from all over the world to be able to read it. And it turned out amazing! I might not have that many readers but it warms my heart that people from all over the world spend their … Continue reading April 2017 World Wide Visitors

Colorful Glass Experiment

Today I played a little with some fairy lights and those pieces of broken glass I always keep on my desk. The result are some indistinct but at least colorful pictures of something which looks like rainbow ice.

Another rainy day

A few weeks go I was wandering around my neighbourhood in Berlin with my camera, not really sure what to do. Then I saw this duck on the plashy track and I knew this was my Inspiration for the day. It was really hard to take a good picture because it was always moving and … Continue reading Another rainy day


When I was wandering around in my neighbourhood today I found this bridge with really colorful graffiti on ist walls. The weird thing is that this bridge is somewhere in the middle of nowhere in a nature reserve where I usually go running. Today I didn't feel like doing any sports so I just took … Continue reading Graffiti

Paris (3)

On one day, we were in another part of the city and there were no more old houses, designer shops and bakeries which sold macarons but this place was also very pretty in his own kind of way. Anyway, see for yourself: And two obligatory pics of the Eiffel Tower:  

Paris (2) Galeries Lafayette

On our first day in Paris we visited les Galeries Lafayette, which is basically a shopping mall in the center of the but with lots and lots of exclusive and expensive designer stores. Since I am not exactly rich I didn't buy anything but the building itself (that seriously is amazing!) and the atmosphere were definitely worth … Continue reading Paris (2) Galeries Lafayette

Bienvenue à Paris

    Hey there, here are som Snaps I took in Paris in January, this is the first post with photos from Paris but I think I have enough for at least two more. The weather wasn't very nice throughout the whole trip, it was freezing cold and foggy, but that didn't stop us from … Continue reading Bienvenue à Paris

London In Black And White

London, the capital of the UK, is one of the most amazing cities in the world. With its numerous sights, beautiful old churches, amazing scyscrapers, great street Food markets and the diverse cultures of the People it really has a lot to offer. When I traveled there I didn't take as much photos as I … Continue reading London In Black And White